Makerspace Design and the CIA!

Agent Rackowitz’s class at Mathews is making connections!  They’ve drawn parallels between the Makerspace Design Process and the Four Steps to Becoming a Courageous Leader.


We’re so impressed, Agents!  Making connections is so important, and we’re happy you’ve noticed how the Four Steps to Becoming a Courageous Leader can help you with lots of life’s challenges!  Keep up the good work!

Missions Initiated at Mathews Elementary

Agents of Mathews Elementary, your courage inspires us!  We can’t wait to see what action you take in Agent McGuire’s class to fight hunger/poverty, and to help protect the declining bee population around the world!  Agent Rackowitz’s class, we look forward to learning more about your missions to end racism amongst police, and to end animal abuse.

Welcome, Courageous Leaders of UT Elementary!

Welcome to Courage in Action, Courageous Leaders of UT Elementary School!  Agent Calvin’s class will be working hard to help stop global warming and child abuse, while Agent Green’s class fights racism and terrorism.  You’ve picked some important challenges, and we believe in you!  We can’t wait to hear more about your missions!